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  • Boones Ferry Road - Day to Norwood complete street


Project Highlights:

  • Improvements to an existing street, widening it to a 3-lane section
  • Designed as a Complete Street to accommodate multi-modal transportation
  • Improvements for approximately 5,000 lineal feet
Boones Ferry Road Day - Norwood Complete Street
Day to Norwood Complete Street

Project Summary

Client: Washington County
Location: Washington County, OR
Services Provided:
  • Civil Engineering
  • Land Surveying
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Public Involvement
  • Construction Management & Inspection
The section of SW Boones Ferry Road between SW Day Street and SW Norwood Road had significant level of service deficiencies. It was a two-lane road with roadside ditches and curves that did not meet design criteria. The road is an important link between the cities of Tualatin and Wilsonville.
The cities master planned the area, and improvements to this portion of SW Boones Ferry Road were identified to address the capacity needs along with correcting the horizontal and vertical deficiencies. Increased development in the area, due to the master planning, will put even more of a burden on SW Boones Ferry Road.
The improvements widened SW Boones Ferry Road to a uniform 3-lane section with bike lanes and sidewalks (designed as a Complete Street) between SW Day Road and SW Norwood Road, approximately 5,000 linear feet. The improvements connect to the existing 5-lane section at SW Day Road to the south and to the existing 3-lane section at SW Norwood Road to the north.
Washington County contracted with MacKay Sposito to provide a topographic survey, a preconstruction Record of Survey, an alignment study, public involvement, and the final design package for construction. MacKay Sposito also assisted the County during construction by providing construction management and inspection services.