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Our transmission and distribution resume is bursting with experience. We provide construction management & inspection services for lines up to 500 kV, substations, fiber optic projects, and access roads over a broad geographic area. We can supplement your staff to match the ebb and flow of construction activity so that you're always operating at peak efficiency.


MacKay Sposito specializes in land surveying for transmission and distribution projects throughout the northwest and beyond. Our resume in this field is deep, with thousands of miles surveyed for both existing and proposed lines. We will go where you need us, when you need us.


MacKay Sposito has a civil design team specializing in access to transmission facilities. We assess route alternatives, evaluate existing road conditions, design repairs, design new roads, and oversee construction of access roads. You will always have consistent and reliable access to your facilities.


Landscaping plays an important role in screening equipment and improving the appearance of energy facilities. Effective simplicity is the key to this work, and that is exactly what our landscape architects deliver.


Your transmission and distribution facilities must be resilient.  Our team can help you develop and test the Emergency Action Plans (EAP), Continuance of Operations Plans (COOP), and Disaster Management Plans (DMP) implemented to ensure all stakeholders are prepared for every contingency. We will guide your organization through a process that garners widespread stakeholder input and buy-in and that instills confidence in your management of critical facilities.


With a combination of pre-construction environmental permitting and construction inspection expertise, our staff is uniquely positioned to provide the most highly constructible projects while minimizing environmental impacts. Your project will be permitted and constructed right from the start.


Simplify your project delivery team and eliminate finger-pointing by leveraging our contracting subsidiary, MacKay Sposito Constructors, to combine our design services with construction.  By combining our design with construction services you’ll receive schedule and budget information much earlier, as well as accelerated delivery of the project.


Transmission & distribution and telecommunications

T&D & Telecommunications

Mile after mile - for days or even months on end - we have the resources to keep your project rolling along. If you need to ramp up your staff during spikes in demand, or shore up your expertise for special needs, we have the civil design, inspection and survey personnel to keep you moving.



From local utilities to federal power administrators, energy clients trust MacKay Sposito to help design and oversee construction of new and renovated substation facilities. Our team knows the critical nature of power facilities and how to bring a project to completion safely and on schedule.


Mapping and GIS

Mapping & GIS

Accurate maps and Geographic Information System databases are essential for your transmission and distribution systems. Our mapping team is dedicated specifically to producing plan maps, profiles, title and acquisition exhibits, and GIS shapefiles for incorporation into enterprise GIS databases.

Access roads

Access Roads

Our designers, surveyors, and construction managers understand the importance of reliable access. We'll go wherever your roads are - no matter how rugged or remote the terrain - to get the job done right.


Goldendale WA

Big Eddy – Knight No. 1 500 kV Transmission Line

Bonneville Power Administration

Project Highlights:

  • Rebuild and replacement of 29 miles of double circuit 500kV transmission line
  • Erection of lattice steel towers
  • Installation of fiber optic cable
  • Construction of new access roads
  • Project included spanning of the Columbia River

The Dalles OR

Celilo DC Converter Station - Pacific DC Intertie Upgrade

Bonneville Power Administration

Project Highlights:

  • Installation of ±560kV bi-polar converter station at the existing Celilo station
  • Station rated at 3,800 MW
  • Civil work including foundations, grading, road, and walkways
  • Engineer-Procure-Construct contract
  • Tight schedule in a physically-constrained area

OR and WA

BPA Transmission Line Access Roads

Bonneville Power Administration

Project Highlights:

  • Over 1,100 miles of access road improvements constructed or designed
  • Over 50 fish passage culvert designs
  • Various project lengths, from one structure to 60+ miles long
  • Employ a field-heavy design approach


Mapping and GIS Support

Bonneville Power Administration

Project Highlights:

  • Creation of new plan and profile maps
  • Updates to existing plan and profile maps
  • Conversion of hand-drawn maps to hybrid digital files
  • Creation of GIS shapefiles
  • Generation of exhibits for acquisition requests