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Fish facilities can be surprisingly complex, and the regulatory agencies are watching. MacKay Sposito provides the expertise you need for a variety of projects: upstream and downstream passage, floating surface collectors, volitional passage, trap and haul, hatcheries, acclimation facilities, guide and exclusion nets, and intakes. We'll ensure your project runs smoothly, satisfies the regulators, and - most important - meets your goals.


Simplify your project delivery team and eliminate finger-pointing by leveraging our contracting subsidiary, MacKay Sposito Constructors, to combine our design services with construction.  By combining our design with construction services you’ll receive schedule and budget information much earlier, as well as accelerated delivery of the project.


Fish passage

Fish Passage

Upstream or down, no matter the path, we’ll make sure that your fish passages remain navigable and free from obstruction. Our experts in the field will monitor quality during construction and make sure that no existing structures are disturbed.

Hatcheries and acclimation facilities

Hatcheries & Acclimation Facilities

River beds and river edges are highly sensitive sites that are extensively protected. MacKay Sposito has the expertise to efficiently navigate the regulatory environment so that your hatchery or acclimation project is quickly constructed and highly productive.

Habitat enhancement

Habitat Enhancement

Protecting streams and shorelines is both a responsibility and an expectation. Our expertise in limiting environmental impacts and knowledge of permitting requirements combine to keep projects free from unexpected and unwelcome delays.

fish passage design icon

Fish Passage Design

Evolving fish passage requirements drive our clients to improve their access road culverts and bridges. Our coordinated team of engineers, permitting specialists, land surveyors, and construction managers provide creative and cost-effective solutions to keep your remote facilities fish friendly and compliant.


Desert Aire WA

Priest Rapids Downstream Fish Passage

Grant County Public Utility District

Project Highlights:

  • New fish bypass for migrating salmon
  • Modification of three spillways for top spill fish passage
  • Modification to spillway gates and the spillway ogees and aprons
  • Underwater concrete for apron extension
  • Concrete piers extended

Grant County WA

Priest Rapids Hatchery Renovation

Grant County Public Utility District

Project Highlights:

  • Renovated rearing ponds
  • New adult holding, raceway, and pollution abatement ponds
  • Construction of incubation building
  • Two new radon aeration towers
  • Over 10,000 lineal feet of HDPE pipe and 1,000 lineal feet of PVC pipe

Grant County WA

Nason Creek Acclimation Facility

Grant County Public Utility District

Project Highlights:

  • Construction of new 13,000 sf fish acclimation building
  • Eight (8) 30-foot diameter acclimation tanks
  • Water intake structure and piping
  • New 3,200 sf maintenance building
  • New 1,500 sf maintenance and operations staff residence building

Twisp WA

Carlton Acclimation Facility

Grant County Public Utility District

Project Highlights:

  • New fish acclimation facility for up to 220,000 summer Chinook salmon smolts
  • Eight (8) 30-foot diameter fish rearing tanks
  • Extension of river water piping to new building and distribution piping
  • Stormwater treatment