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Stormwater Facilities Maintenance

Providing you the benefit of one single point of contact, quality control,

and oversight by a local engineering firm

We’ve put together a team of trusted subcontractors with high standards of quality and service to meet any need your stormwater facility may require.

Stormwater facilities can be above ground like a swale or pond, or below ground like a filter vault or treatment manhole. These facilities help reduce water flow and pollution from a specified area, and often times receive insufficient maintenance and care. When these facilities fail prematurely they can cause localized flooding, property damage, and enforcement actions from the city or county.

Examples of Well-Maintained Facilities

Wet Pond
Wet Pond

A basin that has two or more pool cells and is typically filled with water year-round. Designed to reduce flows, remove sediment, and reduce phosphorous.

Photo Credit: Stormwater Partners

Detention Basin
Detention Basin

Tried and true method of controlling stormwater flow from heavy rainfall. 




Photo Credit: Stormwater Partners


A common surface facility with a wide, flat-bottomed channel, filled with grass or other plants, slows flow, and reduces pollutants.



Photo Credit: Stormwater Partners

Cartridge Filter
Cartridge Filter

An underground system of filter media that effectively removes pollutants from stormwater.



Photo Credit: Stormwater Partners

Possible Consequences of a Failed Stormwater System


MacKay Sposito offers a full suite of services using in-house staff and a team of subcontractors to manage your stormwater facility. Instead of managing multiple contracts yourself, we coordinate all services for you, provide quality assurance, and quality control from experienced engineers and support staff.


Initial system assessments, routine yearly status checks, post major storm event monitoring

Vegetation Management

Leaf, blackberry, and other invasive plant removals, tree care and removal, mowing, specialty wetland and raingarden plant care and replacements

Sediment Removal

Catchbasin cleaning, treatment manholes, filter vaults, detention ponds and pipes

Hardware Repair

Cartridge replacements, ladder replacements, grates, flow control structures, pipe inspections, fence repair


 Civil design, facility redesigns, construction management, surveying, landscape architecture, and permitting

Pest Control

Moles, voles, gophers, insects

Source Control

Street sweeping, use-assessments, erosion control, problem root cause analysis


Restoring functions for bio-swales, wetponds, detention basins, raingardens, infiltration basins, reforming side walls and berms, impacted soil replacements


Letter writing, surveying, engineering design, facility redesigns, permitting

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A snapshot of our work

Vancouver WA

Port of Vancouver Waterfront Utility Improvements

Port of Vancouver
  • First phase of Columbia River waterfront development
  • Deep stormwater, sanitary sewer, and water lines for future extension
  • Transportation Improvement Board funding required quick completion
  • Installed during time of low groundwater levels due to proximity to the Columbia River

Camas, WA

Skyridge Middle School Drainage Design

Camas School District
  • Stripped and graded existing track to drain to a nearby catch basin
  • Constructed underdrain to supplement catch basins
  • Designed roof drain and french draining systems 
  • Designed a retaining wall 
  • New athletic field drainage system 
  • Added riprap ditch to the north side of the 

Vancouver WA

Sorenson Neighborhood Park

Clark County
  • Inclusive play elements including nature play areas
  • ADA access throughout the park.
  • Naturalized and sustainable water quality and detention facilities.

Vancouver WA

The Vancouver Clinic at 87th Avenue

The Neenan Company

Project Highlights:

  • 137,000 sf, three-story building
  • Existing Clinic building remained open during construction
  • Phase 1 –new building and south and west parking lots
  • Phase 2 – east parking lot and demolition of old building

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