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Project Highlights:

  • 2-lane spiral roundabout
  • Worked closely with City of Kennewick traffic engineering group
    and Public Works for viable roundabout concept

Project Summary

Client: City of Kennewick
Location: Kennewick, WA
Service Provided: Civil Engineering, Master Planning

As a component of MacKay Sposito’s contact with the City of
Kennewick to design a new 5-lane arterial roadway (Bob Olson
Parkway), we performed conceptual design for a new roundabout at
the intersection of Bob Olson Parkway and Sherman Road. Bob Olson
Parkway is a 5-lane arterial that is a key transportation link in the CIty,
connection US 395 to SR 240, and running more than 6 miles through
the heart of the future growth area of the City. Kennewick was
interested in maintaining traffic flow on this important corridor and did
not want additional signals to be placed along it.

In close coordination with the City of Kennewick, MacKay Sposito
prepared a roundabout layout concept so that property lines and
right-of-way could be set for adjacent land owners. Based upon this
conceptual layout, the City of Kennewick set right-of-way and acquired
land accordingly.