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MacKay Sposito has provided land surveying services since we were founded in 1974.
We have one of the most experienced private land surveying teams in the Pacific Northwest, capable of serving a variety of industries over a broad geographic range that includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and California.

There are two sides to land surveying, both equally important. Our field surveyors map all the topographic elements of a piece of land, while back at home our office personnel map out the legal complexities of land rights and ownership. Together, we ensure you have a record that will withstand the tests of time and scrutiny. You can trust designs that are based on our maps.

In addition, our team has the security clearances necessary to work at ports, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airports, and electrical power facilities. We also have our FAA 333 exemption and a licensed pilot on staff in order to provide professional surveying services with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a.k.a. drones. With this expertise, our willingness to travel, and our focus on safety, there are very few assignments our team would shy away from. It's a mix that gets your project started off on the right foot.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Base mapping for public works, land development, and redevelopment projects
  • Mapping
  • Right-of-way surveys
  • Power lines, fiber-optic lines and sewer interceptors
  • Pre-design topography
  • Pre-construction monumentation and post-construction surveys
  • UAV / drone: topography, photogrammetry, aerial imagery, and video
  • Natural gas pipelines
  • Legal descriptions for right of way acquisition
  • File DNR "Permit to Destroy"
  • Site boundary and topographic surveys
  • Construction staking
  • As-builts
  • Route surveys for power, gas, and roads
  • First order leveling
  • GPS control networks
  • Monitoring of walls, fills, buildings, surcharges, and landslides
  • Surveys for railroads and related facilities
  • Surveys for wind farms and other alternative power generation facilities