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  • Construction Inspection


Project Highlights:

  • Removal and replacement of 2.5” Expanded ACSR conductor
  • Three (3)-mile section on two (2) 500 kV transmission lines (95,000 feet removed and replaced)
  • Challenged by extreme grades, large spans, and a hot corridor with seven (7) adjacent transmission lines
  • An Equi-Potential Zone was constructed for safety and efficient movement in the work area

Project Summary

Client: Bonneville Power Administration
Location: Rufus, OR
Services Provided: Construction Management & Inspection
This project consisted of the removal of 2.5” Expanded ACSR conductor over a three (3)-mile section on two (2) 500 kV transmission lines. The removed conductor was replaced with Twin ACSR conductor and ½” EHS steel overhead ground wire with associated hardware, insulators, and vibration dampers. In total, 95,000 feet of conductor was removed and replaced.
The two lines were located in a hot corridor running between a substation and hydroelectric facility with seven (7) adjacent high-voltage transmission lines. Challenges included extreme grades and large spans. An Equi-Potential Zone, or EPZ, was constructed using grounded metal fence panels buried in the gravel equipment setup area to allow safe and efficient movement within work areas.
Additionally, specialized “Salvage Master” equipment was used to save time by rolling the oversized conductor on reels rather than cutting it into short lengths for disposal as is conventionally done.
MacKay Sposito led Safety and Quality Assurance efforts on-site and provided stakeholder coordination, information management, project controls, and contractor compliance to specifications and contractual obligations. Additional work included implementation of environmental requirements and Right-of-Way reclamation.