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Project Highlights

MacKay Sposito developed an ADA Assessment and Transition Plan for West Richland’s 13 park and recreation facilities in response to community interest and concerns. Our work included developing an ADA assessment checklist based on current ADA accessibility guidelines which was presented to the community along with recommendations for bringing the facilities into ADA compliance. Incorporating feedback we completed a Transition Plan that considered funding resources and cash flow, budget requirements, schedules, and partnership opportunities for completing the needed upgrades. The plan was adopted and serves as a guiding document for planning and implementation of facility upgrades for the next 20 years. Most importantly, the plan affirms the City’s commitment to developing and maintaining facilities with a focus on providing accessibility to all user groups.


Client: City of West Richland
Location: West Richland, WA
Services Provided:
  • Facility Inventory and Assessment
  • Public Involvement
  • Design Recommendations
  • Cost Estimation