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  • Alaska Airports Surveying - runway


Project Highlights:

  • Survey work at multiple airports, some in remote locations
  • Work related to updating navigational aids
Alaska Airport Land Surveying
Alaska Airports Surveying

Project Summary

Client: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Location: Various locations in Alaska
Service Provided: Land Surveying
As part of the FAA's efforts to improve airport safety and functionality, runways are being lengthened or adjusted, runway safety areas are being expanded, and lighting systems and instrument landing systems are being added or relocated. Surveying is an integral component of this process.
MacKay Sposito supported the FAA’s efforts with land surveying work at four airports in Alaska. All four sites are accessed by air, and some are very remote. For instance, while Juneau has large stores and most supplies, Yakutat is much more basic. We have refined our equipment and travel-compliant cases, so as necessary we can carry in everything we need to get the job done. We are also set up to work under rugged conditions, such as working at temperatures of 0° F or lower.
At Yakutat International Airport (YAK) we provided construction staking and an as-built survey related to the installation of 2 PAPI and 2 REIL lighting systems on Runway 2 and Runway 20.
Juneau International Airport (JNU) is an ongoing multi-year project. We have provided topographic surveys, a hydrographic survey (of the Mendenhall River), an obstruction clearance survey, and construction staking in support of rebuilding the Runway 8 LDIN and MALSR lighting systems and constructing a MALSR and PAPI at Runway 26.
For Dillingham Airport (DLG) we provided topographic survey related to the relocation of the localizer (instrument landing system) serving Runway 19.
Unalaska Airport (DUT) is located by Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands. We provided obstruction clearance verification and topographic survey for the proposed Runway 12 VASI lighting system.