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  • Construction Inspection


Project Highlights:

  • Four (4) significant fish guidance and exclusion net projects
  • Serve as owner’s representative, with inspection and construction management services
  • Experience with inspection using remote operated vehicles and divers

Project Summary

Services Provided: Construction Management & Inspection
Installing netting for fish guidance or exclusionary purposes may seem simple compared to other fish-related facilities, but getting years of trouble-free use from a net installation can be difficult depending on the location and precautions taken during construction.
Nets must operate in highly variable conditions, often facing relentless waves, high debris loads, and fluctuating reservoir depths. Given the high initial cost of netting material, owners need the maximum lifespan possible from their investment.
In recent years, MacKay Sposito has provided construction management and inspection on four (4) significant fish guidance and exclusion net projects. Our team is familiar with over-water construction, including inspection via remote-operated vehicles (ROVs) and divers. We’ve learned what works and what conditions cause challenges (such as root wads and varying topographic conditions). We’ll help you get the maximum life out of your net.