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  • Hanford Community Visioning - existing condition
Hanford Community Visioning - concept plan
Hanford Community Visioning - public meeting, presentation

Project Highlights

  • Draft vision for future public access to the Hanford Area
  • Decommissioned nuclear production area
  • 586-square mile area
  • Federally-funded project
  • Organized and facilitated open houses and media events
  • Facilitated public comments
  • Worked with municipal, economic, environmental, and tribal leaders
  • Determined possible trail locations, boat access point, interpretation, overlooks, and camping areas
  • Prioritizes conservation and minimizes environmental impacts
  • Assessed current and proposed land uses set forth by US Department of Energy and Washington State Fish and Wildlife
  • Vignettes, renderings, and concept maps


Clients: Tri-City Development Council and Visit Tri-Cities
Location: Richland, WA
Services Provided:
  • Public Involvement
  • Landscape Architecture