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Horn Rapids Industrial Park - master plan
Horn Rapids Industrial Park - path

Project Highlights

  • Update to existing master plan
  • Additional 1,000 acres of industrial land included
  • Over 10 miles of planned road expansion
  • 259-acre business center expansion
  • 10 to 20-year infrastructure planning
  • 70 acres of wetland mitigation (designed by consultant)
  • Performed infrastructure, land use, open space, and trail planning
  • Prepared development standards
  • Recommended land use and stormwater plans
  • Updated binding site plans
  • Facilitated and presented at stakeholder meetings


Client: City of Richland
Location: Richland, WA
Services Provided:
  • Planning
  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Land Surveying
  • Public Involvement

The Horn Rapids Master Plan is an update to the existing master planning that was completed in 1995 for the City of Richland (City). As the market continued to change, the City retained MacKay Sposito to re-evaluate the existing master plan and an additional 1,000 acres of industrial land. As part of this effort, MacKay Sposito provided infrastructure, land use, and open space and trail planning for the 2,500 acre Horn Rapids industrial area. Services included wetland delineations and mitigation plans; recommendations for land use and segregation; binding site plan updates; evaluation of the trail systems and open space development; and development standards to guide the build out and assist the City in enforcement of these standards. MacKay Sposito actively facilitated stakeholder meetings including presentations to the Planning Commission, Parks and Recreation Department, Public Works and City Council. The Horn Rapids Master Plan was approved by City Council and the Planning Commission in November of 2011. In mid 2015, the City of Richland asked MacKay Sposito to assist with another update to the Horn Rapids Master Plan.