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Project Highlights:

  • Creation of new plan and profile maps
  • Updates to existing plan and profile maps
  • Conversion of hand-drawn maps to hybrid digital files
  • Creation of GIS shapefiles
  • Generation of exhibits for acquisition requests
Mapping and GIS - maps
Mapping and GIS - map editing

Project Summary

Client: Bonneville Power Administration
Location: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana
Service Provided: Land Surveying (mapping and GIS)
The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) has over 15,000 miles of transmission lines in its system, and every mile of every line has its own map. Over the years, a backlog of thousands of needed map changes had built up. When it reached critical mass, BPA turned to MacKay Sposito for assistance in making the map changes.
To meet BPA’s needs, we built a Mapping/GIS team of skilled Bentley MicroStation/PowerCivil drafters and ArcGIS experts dedicated solely to this work. We even opened an office next door to BPA’s main Vancouver office in order to facilitate the frequent interactions necessary for this type of work.
The bulk of our work has been creating and modifying hybrid mile maps, which combine images of original hand-drawn maps with digital borders and text. BPA has also entrusted us with creating exhibits and legal documents for Land Acquisition Requests (LARs) and Access Road Acquisition Requests (ARARs), mapping of Notice of Rights Secured (NORS) access roads, adding Land Information System (LIS) cases (such as crossings and encroachments into BPA easements/rights-of-way) to the hybrid maps, preparing GIS shapefiles for inclusion in BPA’s eGIS database, and even creating new plan and profile maps for proposed transmission lines.
Our team has become an extension of BPA staff and continually demonstrates our commitment to honesty, dedication, and relationship in a tangible way.