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  • McNary UEC Substation - construction


Project Highlights:

  • Expansion necessary to accommodate four (4) new bays
  • Rerouting of an existing transmission line from the 230 kV yard to the 115 kV yard
  • Installation of a 230/115 kV 300 MVA power transformer, three (3) 230 kV power circuit breakers, and four (4) 115 kV power circuit breakers
  • Critical outage planning and tracking due to multiple utilities and large energy demands
McNary UEC Substation construction
McNary UEC Substation

Project Summary

Client: Bonneville Power Administration
Location: Umatilla, OR
Services Provided: Construction Management & Inspection
The McNary UEC Substation project involved many components, the primary ones being expansion of the existing yard for construction of four (4) new bays and rerouting of an existing transmission line from the 230kV yard to the 115kV yard.
The construction effort included an expansion of the existing yard with a new access road and engineered retaining wall, construction of four new substation bays, installation of a 230/115 kV 300MVA Power Transformer, three (3) 230 kV Power Circuit Breakers, four (4) 115 kV Power Circuit Breakers, other miscellaneous outdoor substation equipment, and station service as well as indoor substation control, protection and data equipment. Additionally, two (2) engineered tubular steel poles were installed on drilled pier foundations, and three (3) direct embed steel poles were installed to reroute the existing 115/230kV transmission line tie and overhead ground wire.
Critical outage planning and tracking was necessary due to multiple utilities and large energy demands from data centers and large-scale crop irrigation in the area.
MacKay Sposito led Safety and Quality Assurance efforts on-site, provided stakeholder coordination, information management, project controls, and contractor compliance to specifications and contractual obligations.
The complexity of the project provided many challenges that were dealt with via coordination between MacKay Sposito’s construction management team, the owner, contractor, engineers, other utilities, and stakeholders. The real-time construction administration software utilized by our team proved essential for effective communication between all players.