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  • Raver Substation - survey


Project Highlights:

  • 42-acre boundary and topographic survey to support substation expansion
  • Survey included 16 acres of dense forest
  • Field work performed within an energized substation
  • Drafted and filed a Record of Survey for the project
  • Required additional safety training and BPA escort within energized substation area
Raver Substation - survey

Project Summary

Client: Bonneville Power Administration
Location: King County, WA
Service Provided: Land Surveying
When the Bonneville Power Administration moved forward with plans to expand the Raver Substation, they called on MacKay Sposito for land surveying assistance.
The expansion was needed to accommodate an additional 230 kV transmission line that was being designed to connect to the existing Tacoma-Raver No. 2 line. And additional 8-acre parcel was also being acquired.
MacKay Sposito provided surveying and mapping for the project. Our scope of work included a 42-acre topographic survey (16 acres of which was comprised of dense forest), boundary survey, deed research and title analysis, public records research, plan map updates, monumentation of the parcel boundary, identification of potential encroachments, and filing a Record of Survey in King County.
Portions of the field work occurred within the energized substation facility, which required additional safety training and a BPA escort.