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  • Ross-Schultz Fiber Optic - survey


Project Highlights:

  • 356-mile fiber optic replacement project
  • Updated over 500 BPA maps
  • Upgrade of two fiber optic segments
  • Provided LiDAR verification, crossing surveys, pole staking, and geodetic control
Ross-Schultz Fiber - survey
Ross-Schultz Fiber - survey

Project Summary

Client: Bonneville Power Administration
Location: Southern Washington State
Service Provided: Land Surveying
When the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) needed survey and mapping services to support the design and replacement of an existing fiber optic cable, they chose MacKay Sposito for the job.
The project runs from Vancouver, WA, through Umatilla, OR, to Ellensburg, WA. It consisted of replacing 356 miles of 36-strand ADSS fiber optic cable with a new 72-strand fiber optic cable, optical ground wire, and a small portion of buried fiber optic cable. Additionally, it included upgrading two segments of fiber optic cable: the Ross-Franklin segment and the Franklin-Schultz segment. The fiber optic cable serves both the BPA transmission system and communication needs.
MacKay Sposito’s project deliverables included LiDAR verification, crossing surveys, fiber optic wood pole staking and geodetic control established on the same state plane coordinate system for project continuity. Over 500 hybrid plan, profile, and substation maps were prepared. Numerous crossing permits were also prepared, including river crossings and permits for distribution/transmission lines.