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  • Spillway Gate Rehabilitation


Project Highlights:

  • 26 spillway gates completed
  • Served as the owner’s representative, overseeing the contractor’s work
  • Experience with coatings, welds, structural steel bolt-ups, trunnion repairs, rivets, environmental compliance, and safety
Spillway Gate Rehabilitation

Project Summary

Services Provided: Construction Management & Inspection
The Northwest relies on hydropower, so it’s vital for operators of dams and hydroelectric facilities to keep those facilities in good working condition. Many forces work against that goal, such as weather, water, and corrosion with the passage of time.
Even well-built spillway gates need to be repaired or rehabilitated from time to time. Energy providers have discovered that MacKay Sposito is the perfect owner’s representative for spillway gate work. Spillway gates come in a variety of configurations, each with unique critical components – but whatever the type, we have the experience to ensure the job is done right.
We’ve provided construction management and inspection for the rehabilitation/repair of 26 spillway gates in recent years. We serve as our client’s eyes and ears on the site and watch over the schedules and budgets in the office. Some of the project elements we oversee include:
  • Coating removal
  • Surface preparation for new coatings
  • Wet and dry film thickness during coating work
  • Welds
  • Structural steel bolt-ups
  • Trunnion repairs
  • Rivet replacements
  • Environmental compliance
  • Site safety