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  • Wanapum Shoreline Stabilization - plantings


Project Highlights:

  • Shoreline stabilization and restoration at nine sites
  • Half-mile of shoreline restored and stabilized
  • Bio-engineered solution used
  • Local, state, and federal permits obtained
Wanapum Shoreline Stabilization - new plantings
Wanapum Shoreline Stabilization - plantings in process

Project Summary

Client: Grant County Public Utility District
Location: Grant County, WA
Services Provided:
  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Land Surveying
  • Construction Management & Inspection
As often happens in dam-controlled reservoirs, over time sections of the shoreline along the Wanapum Reservoir had eroded and were in need of stabilization and restoration. The nine sites identified for improvements amounted to approximately one half-mile of lineal shoreline.
Stabilization and restoration techniques included riprap, the engineering of geosynthetic walls to introduce native riparian and upland plantings for cut slope stabilization, and the addition of woody debris to the shoreline to assist in sedimentation control and the creation of habitat. Solutions were chosen on a site by site basis.
MacKay Sposito provided environmental engineering design, assisted in the permitting process, and provided construction management and inspection of the project. As part of the design, we completed detailed construction estimates for each site based upon truck haul routes and barge/crane usage.