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Project Highlights:

  • Slide monitoring surveying for nine (9) separate sites
  • Project is completed annually
  • Supports preparation of slide monitoring reports

Project Summary

Client: Williams
Location: Cowlitz and Skamania Counties, WA
Service Provided: Land Surveying
This yearly project includes surveying services to prepare slide monitoring reports for the pipelines in and around Skamania, Longview, and Kalama, WA.
MacKay Sposito’s survey crews use conventional instrument traversing to tie monitor points through hilly and bushy terrain. They then use GPS to tie control points in clearings to locate the monitoring points onto a common coordinate system.
The field data is then run through a least squares adjustment using StarNet to ensure the highest accuracy of the reported data. The adjusted data is compared to the previous year’s data and the movement of each monitor point is properly documented. Movement is shown as both changes in Northings and Eastings as well as the bearing and distance of the movement.