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Project Highlights:

  • Instructed the customer telecommunication department in the proper use and procedures within construction and project management software (CAIS)
  • Onsite inspection, documented and reported improper concrete installation resulting in a cost savings for the customer
  • Onsite inspection noted a location during excavation which required additional ground grid, which was later installed, resulting in mitigating step or touch potential
  • Trained the contractor regarding the proper project management procedures to adhere to and which customer personnel to cntact when asking contractual or coordinating construction activities
tower #2 (cropped)
tower #3 (cropped)

Project Summary

Client: Bonneville Power Administration
Location: Vancouver, WA
Services Provided: Construction Management

This telecommunication bundle included the replacement of the existing UHF radio system and replacing it with an Aviat 7/8GHz, frequency diversity, 16 DSI radio, and the installation of a new antenna system at Ashe Substation & White Bluffs. Work between Ashe & Beverly, Nine Mile & Franklin, and Roosevelt & Slatt included the installation of a new antenna, elliptical waveguide, and antenna pressurized system. Happy Camp & Hilltop construction included the installation of a new waveguide bridge, a new 7/8 GHz antenna and waveguide on an existing tower at Hilltop Substation. Another portion of this bundle included grounding and egress installation of a new antenna and waveguide on existing structures at Granite Mountain Radio Station.