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As part of the commitment to serving our clients, we have aggressively invested in UAV/drone technology to better serve the Energy, Public Works, and Land Development industries. These new technologies dramatically change how we collect pre-design data, perform design visualization, and verify construction.

Our survey grade UAV is equipped to provide vertical and horizontal accuracy suitable for many design activities. When augmented with traditional in-field survey methods and sound judgement, these new technologies will greatly accelerate field data collection. They are particularly useful for applications that cover significant ground, projects that necessitate regular survey updates, sites that are inaccessible due to safety or terrain constraints, and inspection tasks that are high-risk and/or repetitive.

We work closely with our design and survey staff to understand the full project scope and seamlessly integrate UAV technology where it is both efficient and effective. By combining the capabilities of our team and this emerging technology, we can better serve our clients and their communities.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Professional photogrammetry and mapping services
  • Natural gas pipeline inspection and pre-planning
  • Transmission tower inspection
  • Transportation planning and pre-design
  • Encroachment surveys
  • Landslide mapping for analysis
  • Aerial construction views & progress
  • High resolution imagery
  • 3D point clouds
  • Automated flight plans
  • Volume calculations
  • Surface Modeling (Digital Terrain Model, Digital Surface Model)
  • Orthomosaic cleanup