Land Development

When a developer looks at a piece of land they have a vision of what it can be – a place where real people spend their lives, whether at work, at home or at play. When the developer knows their business the concept can be complex and beautiful, because it’s about human lives. But getting the other stakeholders in the community to grasp the vision and trust the developer can be a frustrating task.

This is where MacKay Sposito can help. We have a long history of building solid, trust-based relationships within the communities and local government where we work, and years of experience at bringing diverse groups to consensus. We can help you communicate your vision, negotiate a win-win solution that satisfies all stakeholders, and develop a master-plan that works.

Once you begin to move forward, you know your project must comply with regulatory requirements, and at the same time you want it to remain true to your vision. In the end, you want to fill your development with contented property owners.

Here again we can make a difference. We understand the minutiae that underpin the big picture of your vision. We know how the permitting process works, and we have the technical expertise to add value at every stage of the project, from design to completion. More than that, we’re committed to quality, we’re flexible enough to respond to design and field changes as they arise, and we have the technical and people skills to resolve problems quickly and creatively. If we manage construction of your project, visits by the inspector will be a simple matter of routine.